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Zelivia + Co is born from the idea of an entrepreneurial mama who wanted to do fashion differently. Having worked for many years in the lingerie industry, it was with the arrival of her daughter Zélie that Elise (born and raised in Paris) decided to start her own business.

Her main goal was to create clothes that pleased people by being practical, comfortable and pretty and helped her community by manufacturing locally, with natural materials and dead stock fabric.

Inspired by loungewear, and seeking an effortlessly chic style, Zelivia + Co. mixes the excellence of French design with the high quality a locally manufactured piece can offer.

In our blog, we will be writing about many topics that resonate with our brand's philosophy, giving our readers a glimpse of what inspires us, moves us and interests us. We would also love to hear from you, so if you have an opinion or recommendation, do not hesitate to leave a comment!

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