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Back to school week is over, and we're approaching a very different Labor Day Weekend. Since Hurricane Dorian is expected to hit Florida in the next few days, plans for the long weekend have changed for many, including myself. After all the hurricane prep, we should enjoy some cozy reading time at home.
This scholar year is a special one for me and Zélie since she will start to read and write. Doing a bit of research to prepare myself for this new stage of her life, I found a few good articles related to the topic. Also, found some amazing programs and benefits you can get by signing to your local library club. I decided to share with you a few good tips I collected through my search:

- Regarding the process that kids go through while learning how to read, you can read about the stages of the learning experience here.
-Start discovering your child’s interests varying the subjects of the books he/she reads. The Children's Trust Read to learn program gives kids a free book a month for a year since their third birthday. You can read more about it here
-Holding our little’s attention is not an easy task. Once they have gone through the same book a dozen times, they know the ending to the story and don’t get as caught up in it as they used to. To keep it diverse, The Public Library is by far your best ally. The Miami-Dade Public Library System allows library cardholders to take out books out of any branch and return them to the same or different branch. Another advantage to joining the Library Club is that, every week, they give away different Museum Passes for the family. Here you can check your nearest branch to join.
- Lastly, I found that consulting the best seller lists of children books is a nice way to know popular books that kids are reading. Among my recommendations there's the classic novel The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery (which is the inspiration behind our Draw me a Sheep Collection) and Juno Valentine and The Magical Shoes by Eva Chen (Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram). Here you can see the NYT list of children's picture books bestsellers.
I hope you enjoyed this research as much as I enjoyed doing it! And also hope your Labor Day Weekend is filled with happiness despite the weather conditions. As a last piece of advice from me: why not make this bad weather weekend one where you and your mini get together to read some good books?
-- Elise ✨

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